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In the first step we are identifying talents, that are standing out and who have the potential to make it to the top. With the help of experienced scouts and a worldwide network behind it, we get to you.

Physical Training

Our DFB-licenced Coaches are organising the test checkups. Our aim is to quickly find out, how big the physical and mental abilities of a player are and to improve there, where hidden potentials are awaiting to be identified and developed.

Video Analysis

We do not only identify deficits, but show them in concrete via video analysis. In addition, we lead you how to compensate such deficits effectively.

Career Planning

The Career of a sports professional is very special. In comparison to the total lifetime period, the careertime period is very short. Moreover, it is stamped with huge Highs and Lows, often in the light of the public image.

In addition to that many other different individual aspects have to be met, to create a successful outcome for our client:


- The realisation of personal dreams as to leading clubs, stadiums and well-known cities

- The founding of a own family and the fulfilling of their wishes

- The kick of an abroad engagement

- The financial aspects (Salary and advertising Income)

- The Building of a personal Image of the player

- The high Expectations on the future

- The Planning oft he time after the career has finished

… and many more.


We are close enough to our players to understand their and their families needs. On the other hand we keep enough distance to be able to act as a neutral consultant when it comes to important decisions. So we prepare everything in a personalised and helpful way, that you can decide to your and your families benefit.

Contract Negotiations

Contractual Negotiations are fundamental and always necessary, if the outcome shall be positive. No matter whether we talk about an employment contract, the notarial contract to buy a residence or a car, or when it comes to have an advertising or sponsoring contract.

Every draft has to be checked and can be optimized. Not only in regard of legal aspects, but in regard of tax aspects as well. For that reason our experts and cooperation partners will safeguard you and negotiate all important aspects for you.

Sponsors & Marketing

The one, who plays in a top league is automatically on the radar of well-known companies, that are watching out for young testimonials for their products and services. But not every product fits to a player. A non fitting ad-campaing might as well damage the image as a unfortunate social media post.

Therefore we offer to you a preselection of suitable sponsors and advertising partners and help you to develop your own growing image on all social media channels (Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.), that are relevant for you and your career.

Communication Training

If you are playing in a top league, there is no chance not to communicate. Every appearance in the public as in a press conference or in an interview causes something – positive or negative. We get you prepared for all the situations, you have not been confronted with before in the public. So you can stay calm and build up your self-confidence to your own benefit.

Tax & Legal

Taxes are extremely important. Starting with an income of € 50.000 + per year you have to split up nearly 50% to pass it on to the fiscal office and the social security. We are helping you professionals from day 1 to understand the fundamental principles of economy and taxes to be prepared for the big decisions when it comes to the own wealth. Therefore we offer to you efficient seminars, coachings and studies along with your business activities. So we systematise your economic progress.

Financial Foresight

The career of a sports professional is ending after 15 years latest, nowadays. The money made in this period has to last for the rest of the lifetime period, which will last normally another 50 – 70 years. Partner and family have to be maintained. Due to our experience, many sports professionals do not really think about the time ahead und are bankrupt only a few years after they finished their career.

We draw an individual strategy for you and get you prepared for your own future.

Professional Foresight

Immediately after the end of the career, the immense monthly payments end forever. Therefore we turn very early tot he question, what to do for business reasons after the career is over.

What earns you money regularly after your sports engagement has ended?

We are convinced, that the own competence has to be grown systematically step by step by studies and business trainings. Here we cooperate closely with Universities and Professional Business Competence Centers, professional Coaches and Lecturers.

The earlier you start to have a hands-on management on your private wealth, the better is the outcome for you and your family.

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