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We open up new horizons for professional players, their parents and/or family partners, to get an allover estimation of the development of their career and private wealth management.

One fundamental aspect to this is a special program of seminars and individual coachings.

To reach the aims, we organise individual arrangements with our coaches Prof. Dr. Joerg Andres and Matthias Meuter.

To get in touch with us, contact us via E-Mail: info [at] or call us: +49/211/3883-3042, whenever you feel like it.

Moreover we can arrange a consulting appointment to give you an individual impression of our work.

We offer the following consequtive seminars, to get you an quick entrance to our program:

Lecturers and Content:

  • Seminars are held through our professional and experienced coaches Prof. Dr. Joerg Andres and Matthias Meuter plus other experienced professionals.

  • Seminars do explain typical steps, risks and chances as to a sports career and the economical consequences.

  • They shown the growing potential of the TUKLAN SPORTS STRATEGY.

  • Moreover the private steps to grow and secure the assets are demonstrated comprehensively.


During the seminar you can pose all questions, that might be interesting for you.

We are really looking forward for your application.


Your Team from TUKLAN SPORTS

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