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Since many years we accompany professional sportsmen with the successful transfer of their own wealth strategy.


Here several different aims are to be met:

·    Securitisation of assets and protection from third party risks

·    Development of long lasting income with low tax rates instead of short-termed income with high tax burdens

·    Directing taxes to improve the opportunities for profitable investments

·    Securitisation of intelligent and future driven investments

Here we cooperate closely with tax advisors and lawyers in an international network. So we can manage to maintain the attendance of players abroad directed by one agency.


Sports Professionals do not only perform an top level, but have tob e entrepreneurs at the same time. As soon as they earn more than about 50.000 Euro a year and the top tax rate occurs, 50 % of the income will be transferred immediately to the fiscal office.


The normal income chart shows a steady growth the older the person gets. The more experience one has, the more the income grows. With Sports Professionals this is totally different. As long as they are young, the income is high. Getting holder means, that the end oft he career comes closer. As soon as the high income period is over, the income turns towards zero from one day to the other.

This is a big challenge, as several mouths have to be feeded for at least another two decades, still after the career is over.


Many people do invest in company stock, real estate or company shares.

It´s the same with Sports Professionals. The big difference is, that they are contacted actively from many sides. Unfortunately reliable and competent partners are often not available. Due to that, many investments are not sufficiently checked before they are done. Consequently many of those investments were lost. This could definitely have been avoided.


Together with our clients we develop an individual strategy, help them with the follow-up und do a long-termed hands-on management for our clients. So, the strategy can easily been fulfilled and be empowered.

Moreover the strategy can be improved step by step in case of necessary changes.

Important: We work closely together with such experts as tax advisors, lawyers, notaries and lecturers, who have adopted and proven those strategies with their own assets since years.

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